This blog and me

It’s not you…it’s me. I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while now. The time between posts seems to get longer and longer. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, quite the opposite, my brain is full of ideas and thoughts. But, I’m spending less and less time on my computer/iPad. I have so many other things taking up my time that this blog has suffered greatly. And I don’t know exactly what to do about it. I never want to give up my blog, but at the same time…I feel drawn to so many new things.

So what am I doing? Reading, crafting, spending time with Cadet, writing (my novel), and taking care of the house. If I’m being honest, I check my blog reader maybe once a week. And I miss blogging. I miss the connections. I miss your comments and your blog posts. But, I find myself reluctant to log on.

And it’s not just here, it’s the internet as a whole. I use it as a tool now rather than entertainment. Suggestions on making homemade chili powder/candles/toys…check. Spending time browsing Pin.terest for ideas on Advent crafts…check. Talking to other Waldorf moms on….check. But, that’s about it.

To be honest, all of this has thrown me for a loop. Heck, I’m even watching a whole lot less of the TV, and I didn’t watch much to begin with. There is just so much I want to do and to change.

I am learning how to find a rhythm in our days and weeks. I am trying to mindfully create spaces for Cadet to learn, grow, and breathe. Much of my reading has been about how to find/cultivate rhythms…something that Cadet is craving. Something I think we all have been looking for.

I am helping Cadet learn new tasks, words, and ways of playing. He has his own little broom and he helps me sweep the house. We are working on setting the table and eating together. And he occasionally helps me with gardening.

I have been reading some fantastic books. To be honest, I’m reading about 7 different books right now…all at once, so it’s slow going. But, I am so incredibly excited that I can’t pick just one.

And I am crafting. Recently I made a needle-felted, star garland for our entry way. And I have needle felted pumpkins as little gifts for my family on Thanksgiving. I have poured beeswax candles, learning the (often) finicky ways of the stuff. I am drying herbs from our garden and from the Farmer’s Market. And I am in the process of making our own chili powder (a seasoning that McRuger adores).

At the end of the day, I find that I am more calm…less frantic. I feel less pressure to “be everything” or finish everything. And I feel more confident in the choices I’m making.


So, not sure there was any conclusion to this. But, how/when do you find time to blog? Is it a natural thing, or do you schedule time for it? I’m open to suggestions!

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2 thoughts on “This blog and me

  1. Sometimes, I schedule time to blog. For example, the reason I had so many posts this month is that I knew I was going to have a paying freelance gig and I wanted to write before that took over my life.
    Sometimes, I see something and I just have to write about it.

  2. I find it very difficult. Sometimes I say to my self, gosh better write something before I loose those three readers I have left! For some reason I was blogging much more during the infertility years and I was getting much more feedback. One may think that of course now that I have a family, my blog is much less interesting for those still in the trenches. But of all the blogs I have followed, only 3 are still childless. The utter majority also has a family. So it must be that your priorities change and you blog less, you read less and comment less. I want to keep blogging as a diary for the future, something my children could one day read and get to know “the me I am now” and all my feelings related to them. For this reason I rarely mention sex and other non suitable things eheh, I’ll still be their mamma!
    And I know myself I read fewer blogs, I love to read those with which I have a special bond and connection (yours is of course one of my favourite) and i wish some other mamas will blog a bit more as I would love to know how they get on. One very good cyber friend said goodbye to the blogging community and that made me so sad. But at least she said goodbye. Others just disappear. I don’t have a solution and it may just be a phase of course, specially when like in your case you blog about so many interesting things. Much love, Fran

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