A little of this and that

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over. Nothing seriously exciting has happened in the last week. We have all been recovering from a little cold. McRuger has a bone spur in his heel that has been bothering him. Cadet has had a few rough days of dysregulation. But, all-in-all, things have been normal.

I heard from MissS once more earlier in the week. It was a simple text saying: “I promise to take care of babygirl”. I mailed off the baby clothes and supplies to MissS, and it felt good to get that taken care of. Our lawyers have been returning various deposits, and it is really wonderful not to have to fight for it.

Our FBI fingerprints expired recently and so McRuger and I made the trip to get those re-done, which prompted a conversation about home study updates and what comes next. Which culminated in a dinner of pho and not much progress on “what happens next”…besides just more waiting.

In this middle of this week, I got an e-mail from Lawyers A and B. They wanted to extend their gratitude about how “gracefully” we’ve “handled” the adoption falling through. I’m not sure what they were expecting….as if tears, angry phone calls, or threats would change anything. MissS decided to parent her child. While I can be disappointed, I certainly don’t have the right to be angry about anything. The e-mail went on to say that they are excited about the future and what it holds for us.


To be honest with you, this week has been hard. Cadet has been under the weather, which has lead to some dysregulation for Cadet. Cadet’s dysregulation episodes are tough to handle sometimes. We actually had to cancel one of his speech therapy sessions because he wasn’t in a good space. I’ve spent a lot of time snuggling with him, calming him, and re-directing his energy. I think he was pretty upset with my trips to State X and being gone so long. His OT and I agree that it will probably take some time to get him back to normal.

However, with him being sick (trip to the doctor tomorrow), it will take him even longer to feel normal…sigh….


We’ve been watching some of the Olympics, which has been lovely. Even though McRuger isn’t a huge fan, I have fond memories from childhood and college of watching the games. So far watching the ice skating team competition was pretty amazing! Although the biathlons, slope style, and skiathalon have been cool to watch!


In writing news, I’m making progress on my romance novel. I’ve sent out a few chapters to three people at this point. I’ve had some good and constructive feedback. It was scary to put myself out there, but I’ve been encouraged by the response. I’ve made McRuger read it a few times, and even he was impressed! So the work continues.


I haven’t done much blogging recently, and I’m sorry about that. My time has just been divided by so many other things!!

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5 thoughts on “A little of this and that

  1. I’m glad to read your updates and I’m sending positive thoughts to Cadet for him to regain confidence that you are not going anywhere and life will go on as normal. I’m glad to read about the writing, I think you are too harsh on yourself, even from your blog it is clear that you are gifted!!

  2. Cool that you’re able to move forward with your writing in the midst of all of the uproar over the past few months. I’m amazed and in awe. ;-)

    Hope everyone gets better soon, and sending some good thoughts to you as you move through the “moving on” part.

    p.s. We got the “you’re so awesome how you handled this” (paraphrasing) kind of speech from our caseworker too. And we were like, wow, how does it go most of the time? Good luck sorting it out, and my best ass-vice is to let the discussion of home study update languish for a while until you really have to deal with it.

  3. I was glad to see an update from you, as you and your family have been on my mind a lot lately. I’m sorry to hear that Cadet is having a rough time, and I’m praying that he gets over the cold (it’s a biotch, I’m still dealing with it) and is able to find his equilibrium again soon.

  4. I’ve been thinking of you a lot and I’m so sorry about what you’ve been through lately. You have an amazing attitude, which is such an encouragement. My husband and I are beginning the adoption process–we’re nearing the end of our home study, and we’re excited, yet fearful of what this journey will involve.

  5. Ah, yes, finding that rhythm again after such an emotional upheaval. Cadet will get the TLC he needs to get his groove back and I have no idea what you do for a bone spur but I hope your hubby feels better soon, it sounds painful! And I envy your ability to write! The hardest part is just starting and you’ve done it. Being able to be creative is the best way of moving forward in your life.

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