Far too long.

Yes, I know. It’s been far too long since I last posted. I had a post all ready to be posted, but then Cadet and McRuger got hammered with some strange flu (more on that later). I’ve been home…cleaning, parenting, cooking, crafting, and doing a bit of gardening. But, I haven’t been on the computer that much, which is where I blog.

So what has happened in the last few weeks?

  • I spoke to MsJ’s parole officer. Due to privacy, she wasn’t able to give me much information. However, we did speak about generalities about what the future might hold (it’s not good). Basically, the longer she’s a fugitive, the harsher the punishment. I asked the parole officer to pass on a message to MsJ in the event that she’s arrested and she hasn’t made contact with us. The message stated that Cadet is happy and healthy, and that we’d love to hear from her (MsJ). I felt better knowing that I had made contact with the parole officer, but even more worried for MsJ.
  • I have stopped texting MsJ, as her phone is now disconnected. I have sent her several e-mails/letters, but still no word.
  • Cadet dislocated his elbow again. Or technically, I dislocated his elbow again. He was having a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him go outside in his PJs while it was raining. I was holding him and carrying him to the living room. He went limp in my arms and I wasn’t paying attention to his body position as I should have been. I grabbed him by the wrist as he was sliding down my body. I felt the pop, and knew it meant a trip to Urgent Care. After a disastrous visit to a new U/C (after waiting 30 minutes a nurse told us: “We don’t *do* dislocations”), we drove the 30 minutes to our normal U/C. I felt like a horrible mom, but the doctor told me that this happens to kids, especially toddlers. Within minutes of her popping it back into place, Cadet was fine.
  • Speaking of Cadet, he’s been having lots of fun with his new kitchen. I must say, the kitchen is of amazing quality and it’s going to last for years. It was a bit of a pain putting it together, but heck…it’s beautiful and functional. So far, Cadet’s favorite thing to do is to wear the “sink” as a hat and drop things in the hole the “sink” left. But, baby steps to pretend play!
  • All last week, Cadet was “off”. He had horrible gas (really unusual) and was crankier than usual. There were no diet changes and no other obvious reasons for it. McRuger and I assumed it was either a growth spurt, a small stomach bug, or a weird reaction to teething. Then, on Friday, after an afternoon of playing in the yard (complete with a picnic dinner), Cadet and I settled on the couch for some reading time. He was hot as blazes. HOT. I took his temperature and it registered at 102.7. Up until then, he’d never had a fever above 102. We gave him a bit of medicine before he went to bed, but later that night woke with another fever. So, that was our weekend…battling fevers. Cadet was behaving relatively normally, but just extra snuggly…and hot. His temp got up to 104.5 at one point…which freaked me out. On Saturday night, McRuger started feeling ill. By Sunday, McRuger was worse…much worse (fever and raging sore throat). Cadet wasn’t doing too bad, but still running fevers. Even on medications, he was having a 100-101 fevers. Monday I got Cadet in to see the doctor. She couldn’t find anything wrong, other than the fevers. He stayed home from school Monday (saw a doctor, who said he was fine…despite the fever, and Tuesday). However, as of today, he hasn’t had a fever in 24 hours, so fingers are crossed.
  • I’ve been slowly…slowly…slowly getting my Etsy shop up and running. So far, I’ve had several sales via my Facebook page, but nothing through my store yet. I’ve been doing lots of felting in the evenings, and it feels nice to finish these small projects. Three of my projects are being auctioned off at Waldorf school fundraisers (one in California, one in Georgia, and one in Colorado). I feel very honored that my works will be helping raise money for education.
  • For Valentine’s Day, McRuger got me a professional house cleaning. The fridge, the shower, the baseboards, the floors, and every surface was wiped down and cleaned. They were here for 4 hours, and when they left, the house was sparkling. It was AWESOME!!! So freaking awesome. Yes, the house is generally pretty tidy, but it was lovely to have someone else do the nitty-gritty stuff. The cleaners are coming back tomorrow to spruce things up for my mom visiting this weekend. I was chatting to some of my local friends, and apparently ALL of them have housecleaners. I was amazed. Where I grew up, housecleaners were only for special events (weddings, funerals, baptisms) or for the wealthy. But, for women in my city and in my tax bracket, it’s a normal thing. How many of you have regular housecleaners come in?
  • Due to the unseasonably warm weather (mid-80s by the weekend), McRuger and I have been working on getting the backyard cleaned for summer. We put in some mulch, cleaned out some dead limbs/vines, and gave everything a good watering. We’re heading into summer with a serious deficit of rain, and it looks like it’s going to be a hot one. So, we’re trying to plan ahead!!
  • No word on Adoption #2. In fact, no word from our local lawyers at all. We finally heard back from our attorney in MissS’s state with our refund. He’s giving back 85% of our deposit, which is more than we were expecting. He said that he felt so bad about how the whole thing happened. McRuger told him that we were just happy to have found good people to work with.
  • I have give my writing some good attention too. I have a few more chapters close to being ready to being readable. It’s been slow-going, but it’s good for me to work on it. The more I write, the more ideas I have (which is potentially distracting). I have a great idea about a post-apocolyptic world…but I digress. One project at a time.
  • And that’s really it. We have a busy few weeks coming up: a visit from my mom (and possibly my dad), a wedding, some friends visiting from out of town, and more hot weather.

How are you all doing?

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6 thoughts on “Far too long.

  1. Debbie

    I think I have shared before, but my son dislocated his elbow so many times I have lost track. Thankfully *most* people we encountered did not look at us like child abusers. I have a great relationship with my pediatrician, and he taught me how to pop it back it. It saved me so much time and money (billed as “surgery” to insurance) to get it back in myself. My son will be six next month, and hasn’t had it happen in quite a while, so I hope that he has outgrown it. But, ages 3-5 were rough. I was crazy anal about holding his arms, pulling on them, but ultimately, it can still happen, and happen quite easily.

  2. 1. How did I not know you have a business Facebook page? You must give it to me. Please.
    2. I think I told you the story of Max almost dislocating Cassie’s shoulder. If I didn’t, I should.
    3. As Cadet loves his kitchen so much, now I know what to get him next Christmas. :) Cassie loves hers too.
    4. I’ve had housecleaners in here a few times. My mom paid for one right before our first home study. I wish I had the money for year-round cleaning. There’s a lot I can’t do because I can’t kneel. If I get a “real job” and we go back to making what we used to make… totally getting a monthly cleaning.
    5. Not looking forward to water rationing. I’m sure it’s going to come to that.

    ((HUGS)) just because!

  3. Esperanza

    Man, that flu sounds ROUGH! I’m so sorry Cadet and McRuger had to go through that–and you had to take care of them while they did. I’m glad at least you were spared.

    It was nice to hear from you, I was wondering how things were going.

  4. Hope everybody feels better soon. Glad to hear busy has mostly = good :)

  5. Good to hear from you – my, you’ve had some interesting times in the last few weeks (to put it mildly). You have been so productive, I’m jealous! Fevers freak me out, but it’s amazing how kids bounce back, isn’t it? I’m glad Cadet is doing better; you can’t really sleep well when you’re family is sick, eh?

    I had a housecleaner a few times. The first one was recommended by someone in my old condo, and she had quit a financial career to do housecleaning. She considered it a calling. (Yeah, crazy.) It was when Boo was a tiny baby. She was amazing. I hadn’t been so freaking happy in ages. I could actually relax and take care of the baby and enjoy a clean home. I also did discover that a few of our friends also had a housecleaner every couple of weeks. I was shocked because I just assumed only rich people hired help. Times change and we can’t afford one anymore, but ah, the memories.

  6. You hadn’t written in so long, I was wondering what was up. I was debating whether I should email and check in with you.

    I have been really wanting to hire a housecleaner. Even if I couldn’t do it every month, I think having one occasionally would make my house so much cleaner. I hope someday!

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