Feathers in my underwear.

One of the really great things about McRuger’s chosen profession is that he can (potentially) work from anywhere. A decent internet connection, a quiet place, a telephone, some caffeine and McRuger is set to go. He has co-workers/friends who work(ed) in the United Kingdom, Asia, and most of Western Europe.

And part of McRuger’s daily/weekly life is getting calls/e-mails from various recruiters or even former co-workers asking if he’s looking for a job. He’s been recruited for jobs in New York, Seattle, China, and everywhere in-between. Every time one of these job offers, I encourage McRuger to look into it. Not to apply for it, but just for us both to think how our life would change.

Now, don’t get me wrong, McRuger LOVES his job. Just ask him about it some day, and he’ll wax lyrical about how much fun he has doing his work…not fun with his co-workers…but the actual work is enjoyable to him. And, I must say, he’s pretty darn good at it. I have been known to be jealous of how much he loves being at his office and working. It’s amazing that my husband loves his job and gets paid very well to do it. It’s not often that passion and a healthy paycheck coincide. Growing up, my own father hated his job and still hates it (as he’s still working there). And I have plenty of friends/relatives who work insane hours at jobs they aren’t passionate about just to survive.

So, we’ve talked about living in New York, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, China, Japan, India, Brazil, and said “no” to looking further into any of them…no matter how tempting they might be (I LOVE Seattle and Portland). But, tonight, a job posting was brought to McRuger’s attention by a friend of a friend…in Amsterdam. Europe. I’ve always wanted to live in Europe…doesn’t really matter where. And suddenly, my mind was alive with possibilities. The ability to visit friends I have in Ireland (hi Fran!!), the relative ease of traveling to Italy or Switzerland to visit relatives, and the delight of learning about a new place. Oh, yeah, and free Waldorf education for Cadet. Plus, living in one of the most tolerant cities in the world would be pretty awesome. Let’s face it, it’s no secret, I love to travel. I love the feeling of being in a new place and exploring all that it has to offer. And a 9 hour car trip to visit Switzerland…that’s SO Much better than a 9 hour car trip.

McRuger almost instantly dismissed it, for several reasons. First, it’s with a company that isn’t very well known yet, which means more potential risk. Second, it would almost certainly mean we wouldn’t adopt a second child. Thirdly, it would mean a tremendous about upheaval in our lives…new house, new language, new currency, and new friends.

And, even though he’s right about all of those things, my mind is still racing with ideas. It would mean so much change…but would it be worth it? For us? For Cadet? For McRuger’s career? And the idea of living in Europe…well, I’m going to have a hard time getting to sleep tonight.


If you’re wondering where the blog title came from, it’s funny….as I was thinking about writing this post I was having this horrible itch on my lower belly, it was feather from my pillow. Laundry does strange things sometimes.

Of course, it could have a double-meaning…all about wanting to secretly travel more. But, nah…it’s late and I’m not that clever..am I?

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7 thoughts on “Feathers in my underwear.

  1. It’s always fun to dream a bit! But really, Portland is fantastic :)

  2. Amsterdam is really a great city, where you would not have problems with the language, since they all speak English there. Honestly, even the lady making the fries at the corner of the street in a less touristic area speaks en. Living in city that encourages its people to use the bike, not the car, and to be tolerant, must be a wonderful experience. And they have such great cheese, less known than the French or Italian one, but very, very good as well. Belgium and it’s waffles and fries are two hours away by TGV, Paris is some five hours away, I think, nordic countries are a ferry away, any other point in Europe is practically 2-3 hours away by plane. Not a bad place to live in. And we could have our own Europe meet up, with Fran and Sara. :-)
    I do not know where you got the idea with free Waldorf education though. It very much depends on the place and the minders, just like everywhere else. I’ve heard of places that are great, some less so.
    Living as an expatriate has, just like anything else in life, good and bad parts. Family is away. Friends are few. Don’t mistake me, people are very friendly, but friends, as such, are hard to come by, even harder when you might need one. Part of the vacation must be dedicated to visit family, which suddenly eats away at you proper vacation plans.
    You get used to it in the end.
    There, an expat perspective. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh I love to travel too and if my husband was always getting job offers around the world I would be SO excited. I wouldn’t be able to resist Amsterdam. As you said, I’ve wondered what it would be like to live in such a tolerant place.

    Maybe you’ve talked about this before, but is there a reason you could only adopt from the US? I know lots of Europeans adopt from Kenya for example.

  4. Years ago, my hubby was considering what life would be like if we went to London. And like you, I was suddenly excited, oh, yeah I knew it would be tough to start over, but the thought of living the vida loca in a new city – it’s like a chance to reinvent yourself. Alas, it was not to be for us and we’re slogging away at it where we are, but I could feel your excitement at the very thought of discovering a new city. Look into adoption more carefully though, you may be pleasantly surprised.It’s nice to dream, eh?

  5. I got four rounds of interviews with a company in Australia. That would have been interesting.
    I wish I had so many recruiters calling me. *sigh*

  6. Ohhhhhh I can’t stop myself from thinking that maybe maybe maybe you may be coming so much close to me!!! But I know it’s a giant move, could it be done for a year and see how it goes? Could McRuger take like a sabbatical or an unpaid leave to try this out before making a major commitment?

    And I would love a Europe meet up!! Valery also is in Amsterdam (POF now what?) it must be time for meet ups as I just met my school friends after 26 years and we are planning another reunion in May with another set of school friends! I’m all for it!

  7. I forgot to comment on this! When I was 10, my dad got a job offer in Scotland and was considering it seriously enough that my parents sat us down to talk to us about the possibility. Then the company got sold and i guess the offer was no longer on the table. I still wonder what my life would’ve been like if we’d gone to live there for a year or two.

    Also, when I first came back from Peace Corps i interviewed at companies with jobs that required international travel. It would be a little late to change fields now, but I often wonder what it would’ve been like if I’d gone down that career path. I guess it wasn’t meant to be, since I never got any of the jobs. :(

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