My stuffed brain

To be honest, I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything going on in my life right now. Nothing bad, nothing good, just a lot.

McRuger and I have been in serious talks about what the future holds for our family. Specifically, building our family. Our home study is coming up for an update and we are getting almost no potential matches from our agency. We started down the road to get our update complete, and our home study agency LOST our paperwork for our FBI/DOJ clearances. That would be the SECOND time in as many years. They are, frankly, incompetent. So, I spoke with our attorney and she suggested another agency they work with. We are in talks with that agency to just switch our home study update to them. But, it means money, time, and a whole bunch of paperwork.

We are also (crazily enough) looking back into foster care. I had a conversation with a friend (also a social worker) with the county. She and I have been friends for years, and said that lots of things have changed. They are having a hard time placing sibling groups and are looking for adoptive homes for siblings. She mentioned that adoptive homes are becoming much more difficult to place in, as people are way too particular about what sort of kids they want. They mentioned a sibling group of 3, all girls, all under 5…and they can’t find an adoptive home. She’s got tons of fost/adopt homes, but can’t place in them because the families are just too restrictive.

And, at the same time, there’s some talk about working with donor embryos and trying to get pregnant.

So, it’s not as if we don’t have a lot to talk about….


In addition, this weekend was also MsJ’s birthday. We went out to Chinese food and took a family walk in a park to celebrate the life of a woman to whom we owe so much. We talked to Cadet about her, although I know he doesn’t have the vocab to understand, I wanted her story told on her birthday! I also sent her an e-mail wishing her a happy birthday and asking her to let us know if she’s okay. There’s been no word from MsJ. Her cell phone is no longer working, and I have no idea if she’s getting my emails. My heart sinks every time I think of what she might be going through.


And, on top of everything else…my Etsy store made over a hundred dollar last week! And looks like I’m on-track for another profit-making week as well. It’s kind of amazing that people are interested in things I make! And that kiddos will be playing with them for Easter!! I only really craft while Cadet is asleep, so my crafting time is limited. However, I do try to add new items to my store every few days or so. And, so far, things seem to be working out. I even have a few custom requests that I am working on.


In the meantime, life continues pretty normally. Cadet is learning at an extraordinary rate. His newest phrase is “oh geez”…and it’s so adorable. He’ll be having a hard time doing something and say “oh geez” with an exasperated sigh. No idea where he learned it, but it’s freaking cute!! And we’re going to start potty training soon. He’s showing all the signs of being ready, and I’m looking forward to being free of daytime diapers at some point in the future.

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8 thoughts on “My stuffed brain

  1. Can you post the link to your store? I would love to check out what you make….

    • Sorry, but I won’t be linking to my store. My store has my real name and location, which I try to keep off this site. But I really appreciate your interest!

  2. Mmm, donor embryos or instant triplets. Hard to say what’s more daunting! That’s a lot to think about for sure. Either way you have to do what feels write for you and your family. What made you consider donor embryos?

  3. I keep thinking about foster-to-adopt… but it seems so impossible to find the right fit for our family. I guess I’m in one of those restrictive families :) Good luck with your decisions. And that’s so cute about Cadet saying Oh Geez. E sometimes says “Oh my gosh” with similar cuteness!

  4. Wow, lots going on! I really like the idea of honoring MsJ with Cadet, on her birthday, even if you’re not in touch with her. I do hope she gets back in touch at some point, though.

    Great news about your Etsy store! Are you getting random people finding you through Etsy, or mostly friends so far?

    • Thanks Deborah. I have had several random people find my store and buy things…which was awesome. Most of my sales aren’t coming via friends (although there’s been a few), but through various Facebook groups I belong to.

  5. You have so much going on! And in the mix there is also a possible job in Europe which I’m really hoping for!! I think, like always, things will unfold in the best possible way for your family, it’s just a matter of time and you’ll know what’s best. Much love, Fran

  6. Lots of luck with balancing all of these decisions. I’ve been there very recently myself. Cadet is adorbs.

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