Wherein, I give up even trying for a weekly post!

Oh wow, it’s been a crazy few weeks. Just crazy. And, for the most part, there’s not be a lot of happy news.

1) Cadet has had his first-ever ear infection. I feel somewhat thankful that we made it to 2.5 years without one, although I hate that he had to experience one. At first, he had a tiny runny nose. A little bit of a cough. I thought it was allergies due to the changing weather. No fever. No hacking cough. And his eyes were watering for no reason. So, allergies, right?  NOPE!  One night, Cadet completely melted down. He cried for two hours. No fever. No reason. Just crying. It took him a while to get to sleep. Then he woke at 2am, wanting to climb into bed with us (which is rare). He and I fell asleep on the couch for a while, after some tussling with Em in the bedroom. When Cadet woke in the morning, he was still crying. And this is a kid who rarely cries. He’s a happy kid. All he wanted to do was snuggle in bed..my mama alarm went off. I decided to try going to OT, on the off chance he just needed some sensory input. Nope, he just wanted to be rocked. So, off to the doctor we went. Dr. Smiles was shocked to see Cadet is such a bad mood. But, a quick look, and we had a diagnosis…double ear infection. Anti-biotics and pain reliever for him. And lots of sleep. He’s finally feeling much better.

2) McRuger had part of a tooth break off last week. We had just finished seeing Noah (don’t bother, it was pretty bad), and having Vietnamese food, and one of his molars literally just chipped off. He didn’t have any pain until yesterday. Turns out he had a major cavity and was very close to needing a root canal, but it was finally decided to not go in that direction.

3)  I got sick several days after Cadet was diagnosed. It went from some mild throat pain to major throat pain over the course of a week. I didn’t get an ear infection, but a throat/tonsil infection. I basically haven’t been able to eat or drink much for the last 5 days. I’ve never had to take pain meds for an infection before, but this time I was in so much pain, I needed them. McRuger had to take 3 days off to help care for Cadet. After taking a series of swabs and culturing them, turns out it was a nasty viral infection…not bacterial. So, the antibiotics I was put on (and vomited from), weren’t actually doing much good. Today, is the first day I have felt relatively normally in quite some time (and I had to take two naps!). McRuger is being such an amazing helper: dishes, laundry, fixing dinner, caring for Cadet, dealing with my moaning, and even doing the shopping! This is all in the midst of one of his busiest times at work.

4) McRuger’s family is planning a huge gathering this summer, the first in 5 years. Sadly Molly (SIL), who is organizing it, didn’t bother to take into consideration one of my main scheduling issues…so it’s become a huge, stressful debate about who’s schedule is more important. Some of you may remember the planning debacle that was her wedding.  Plus, she just informed us that she and her family want to stay with us for a week in less than a month (for a family wedding). She has started issuing orders about what I “should have ready”. Ummmm, okay…no.

5) We’ve had several conversations with MsJ. Things are not going well in her life. I’m not going to get into all the details, but here’s the briefest of summaries: she’s pregnant again (16 weeks), the pregnancy is high-risk because of her age and a risk for pre-eclampsia, she married the father of the baby (a man with some serious issues), they were homeless for the better part of the holidays through February (due to her new husband’s gambling addiction), she doesn’t have a job and is supposed to be on bed rest, and she thinks her husband is cheating on her with his ex (the ex is also pregnant). There’s more, but that’s the summary. We ended up sending her some money, because she wanted to leave her husband, but that ended up not happening. On the plus side, Cadet and MsJ actually has a bit of a conversation, and that was pretty amazing. Frankly, both McRuger and I are at a loss as to how best to help her. Money clearly isn’t going to help, but we don’t know what can do.

6) Last week, we got a bill from Cadet’s school for over $6,000 dollars. For some reason, they just decided to back-bill us for a whole bunch of stuff that they never told us we’d be charged for. I’ve heard from several other parents that the received a similar bill. We are all fighting it, because the school’s lack of a competent financial officer, shouldn’t be a punishment for us.

7) On a recent call to our credit card company, it was brought to our attention that we have a TON of “points” saved up. McRuger and I looked into it, and it was decided that using those points, we’d get some gift cards to a electronics store and get me a new iPad. I’ve had my iPad for 3 years, and while it’s working okay…I use it enough to need more storage and faster speeds. So, once the gift cards arrived, McRuger bought me a brand new iPad mini. I love it. It’s got tons of storage, and fits in my purse!

8) My mom came for a short visit (she was attending a local conference). She got to watch the first episode of the new season of  Game of Thrones with us. That was a ton of fun. We made some great plans for our trip to their house for Easter.

9) Speaking of plans, Easter is going to be fun. We’re heading to the farm. McRuger is taking two days off, so it will be a 4-day weekend for us. My parents are going to watch Cadet one afternoon so McRuger and I can go on a date. That should be fun, as McRuger has never really explored that area with me. Sadly, my favorite restaurant just closed, so I’m going to have to scout around for something new and exciting.

10) For the first time in years my car had a flat tire this morning. I think it was tired of the three (yes, 3) visits I’ve made to my doctor over the past 9 days. McRuger discovered it as he was running out for groceries. He took it in to the local shop. It was at that point that he also discovered that all the other tired were within 3-4 months of needing to be re-tread. Funny, I had just taken it into the dealer, and they said the tires were fine (but I’m not sure they had checked). But, McRuger (not a gullible guy) looked at the evidence and concluded that I needed all new tires.

11) Well, those are the highlights/lowlights. It’s another early-t0-bed night for me….the zillionth this moth, it seems.

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5 thoughts on “Wherein, I give up even trying for a weekly post!

  1. I think there’s a Chinese expression/curse/cookie fortune that goes” May you live in interesting times”. I think you’ve been doing that. Please announce to the universe that you’ve had enough, please. Here’s wishing you better and improved health/dental health for your family.

  2. Rosalind

    All I could think of when I read about Ms. J’s situation is this blog post which went viral last year. Have you read it? http://killermartinis.kinja.com/why-i-make-terrible-decisions-or-poverty-thoughts-1450123558

    Hoping she finds her life on the upswing through and that you power through being so busy and so sick!

  3. Hey busy lady! Hope everyone stays healthy and everything stays whole/ unbroken for a bit. Sending good thoughts along to Ms J and all of you. Game of Thrones rules.

  4. I hope your interesting times get to be more fun! You know, instead of everyone being hurt or ill.
    Also, if your SIL’s gathering interferes with *our* plans, I volunteer to kill her for you. I’m Italian. I’m sure I have some family in the Mafia somewhere. ;)

  5. franontheblog

    Wow! You have been busy on so many fronts! I feel so sad for MsJ, but really I don’t think there is much that can be done…sometimes people just get into such vicious circles it’s only if they find the sheer will to step out that they can be helped. Much love, fran

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