Another random update…

Yeah, yeah, yeah…life is life. And life is busy.

Every day I have the intention of writing a post. Every day I open my browser, log on, write a few paragraphs and then something else happens to grab my attention. Life. But, on to the updates….

  • Easter went well. We traveled to my parent’s house/Bro’s ranch for the holiday. We had a good time. There was an Easter egg hunt for the cousins, some good meals, and we spent a lot of time with the baby chicks at the farm. Cadet wanted to squeeze them, thankfully all the chicks are still alive and breathing! We learned a lot about being “gentle”!!
  • I’ve had several conversations with MsJ since my last post. While I wouldn’t say that her life has gotten easier, it seems to have stabilized a bit. We’ve talked a lot about Cadet’s adoption and her feelings about it (positive and negative). We’ve spoken about race and how best to integrate Cadet’s multicultural background into his life. Overall, I feel very pleased about the progress of the relationship.
  • Cadet is doing well. His vocabulary is exploding. And while he’s still far behind most of his peers, he’s making really good progress. He’s actually trying to sing using words…which is huge. “Row Row Row Your Boat” sounds like: “oh-oh-oh-u-ot-gen-dow-steem-mer-mer-mer-mer-dife-deem.” It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!! He’s mastered his balance bike and can even do “wheelies”.
  • McRuger and I have been having a bit of a rough time. We’re just so busy that we end up forgetting to pay attention to each other…even on date night. So, we’re working through that. Nothing serious, but it’s demanded that we refocus “down time” to “us” time. Thankfully, that seems to be working well, and we’re back on a happier track.
  • We’re seriously considering putting plans for Adoption #2 on hold for the next six months. We are having some issues with both our home study agency and our adoption agency. Last week, Lawyer A e-mailed and said that they’d like ANOTHER profile from us…a new profile….redone. They have decided that our current profile doesn’t show us as being “active” enough (despite the fact that many of the pictures are of us playing with Cadet outside). They’d like pictures of us on bikes, playing tennis/golf/basketball (without Cadet), and/or pictures of us in motion. When I asked why the changes needed to be made now, they said that the current profile doesn’t do enough to highlight our active lifestyle. Translated: you’re overweight and not sure if we can “sell” you. If we dropped them as our attorneys, we’d lose about 3k…but I’m tired of not getting the full story from them. Plus, the next 5-6 months are pretty busy for us anyway, so why not just relax and not worry about adoption? Anyway, it’s being discussed.
  • This week, I’m firing one of Cadet’s therapists. She’s one of his Floortime/Play therapists provided by the school. She’s looking for other work (actually asked me to be a reference), and has been very “checked out” when working with Cadet. Last week, I actually caught her playing games on her cell phone while she was supposedly working with Cadet on his goals. I confronted her about it, and she denied it. This week, I’m talking to her supervisor, and asking that she be removed from Cadet’s rotation.
  • After several warnings over the last month on our neighborhood’s Facebook page, we had our mail stolen one day last week. Not good!! I let the post office and police know…we’ll see what happens next.
  • My Etsy store had a huge weekend. McRuger and I were out running errands while our babysitter watched Cadet. My phone made the “ka-ching” sound (you know, the cash register sound) and I had sold over $120 dollars in stuff…to one person! Less than an hour later, it happened again…this time $40 dollars. And once more for $20. Yikes. Now my store looks bare and pathetic…need to make more stock! But, it’s exciting!
  • There’s been some sad news from McRuger’s family. McRuger’s dad (FIL)was found to have several tumors in his arm. The doctors went in and removed 90% of the tumors (benign), and feel like he will made a full recovery and live cancer-free for a long time. However, it’s put the family gatherings into new prospective. McRuger’s folks (older than mine) are having more and more health issues. We don’t see them often, and I think McRuger’s been thinking a lot about that. On top of McRuger’s dad’s health news, one of McRuger’s aunts had heart surgery a few weeks ago as well. She’s recovering well, but it was just another bit of sad news. The issues around scheduling this summer’s reunion haven’t been resolved yet…or even really addressed. FIL’s health has taken precedence. MIL has been talking about doing “Family Reunion T-Shirts” and inviting yet more family. I have a feeling that FIL’s health scare has shaken her up quite a bit.



That’s really it. I hope you all are well. If you’re feeling generous…go wish my friend Robyn congrats on her new job and give some support to Mrs. Gamgee who’s having a rough time!!!.

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One thought on “Another random update…

  1. franontheblog

    I am so excited when I see an update from you, you should see me, I’m like the dog waiting for a bone! Anyway, i’m really happy Easter was good and that Cadet is doing so so well, good on you for confronting the carer, I would have done the same and i like you even more if that’s possible! Wohoo for reconnecting with MsJ and I am absolutely not surprised about your Etsy business, the things you create are fabulous (how is the writing going? ehehe)
    Sorry to hear about some small problems with McRuger, I can only say we are in the exact spot and we don’t have a date night. i feel in my case it’s mostly my fault, I never seem to be “there”, I always seem to have other things to do and to think about. I know I should work on this and Mike totally does not deserve this.
    Really sorry about the health scares. Even if all is going well now, it is always very stressful. Again, like a mirror image at the other side of the globe we had very similar things in the past few weeks in Mike’s family.
    You know I’ll be near Boston in early July? let me know if there is any chance of an East Coast coffee (totally understand if not of course, but would be so so lovely!), in fact i have one night in Boston before the conference begins and I have nothing planned!
    Better go now, would love to chat soon (I realise this comment is more like an email!), Fran

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